How Do I Setup my Outlook Email Client on my Office Desktop?

Follow The Steps below to set up your email using the Outlook application


1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. You will see the following screen. Click next until it prompts you for your name and email address.


3. This may get filled out automatically but if not, input your name, full user email address. _#### if you have them. (ex and enter your password. Then click next.


4. Allow some time for it to verify your account with Microsoft. A pop-up will show like this. Ensure the username is your full email addess, If it says change it to like below. Click the check box for remember my credentials. Then OK.


5. It will say your account has been set up but we still need to change the account setting to click the check box on this page and then next. 


6. On the next page we will unchecked the "use cache mode" check box and then click finish. Outlook will open after this. 


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