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This article provides instructions on using the Phish Alert button in Outlook to report suspicious phishing and spam messages.
E-Mail students right from within the Class Roster page in PeopleSoft- Campus Solutions
Instructors have the ability to send a reminder to students or groups who haven't yet made a submission for an assessment. There is a "Send Reminder" option to items in the Gradebook. Reminders is an option for all gradebook items, including LTI and third-party tools. The item must be visible to students and have no release conditions.
The following knowledge base article will help you add your Rhode Island College Email to your Mail Application on your iPhone or iOS Device.
The following knowledge base article will help you add your Rhode Island College Email to the Outlook Application on your computer.
This article is to help you check and delete Rules in your mailbox that might have been added to your account if someone spammed you and gained access to your email.
This Knowledge Base Article is to help a user create a group on Office 365 on the Web.
This is an article on how to create a shared mailbox profile to get the mail merge to work correctly.
This is an article on how to set up your Outlook profile for email on your own. There are 6 steps to follow to do this and is straight forward.
This article shows how to change your email address from your personal zoom account to the college zoom account if you used a friendly email address.
The Outlook PhishHook Add-In is available to every RIC Office 365 user to easily report a suspicious email. Reporting these emails assist Information Technology Services (ITS) in protecting others from becoming a victim of a phishing attack.
This is an article to show you how to access a shared mailbox that you have access to using a web browser and outlooks website.
This is an article explaining how to share your calendar in Outlook or Open a shared calendar.