Edit Office 365 Mailbox Rules If You Were Flagged for Spam

How To Check For Rules If You Were Spammed


If your account was spammed the first step is to change your password as quick as possible. If someone has compromised your account you need to do this as quick as possible to limit the damage of what could happen. Remember Rhode Island College will never as for your account credentials and we will never send a link and ask you to log in.

Click Here To Set your Password


If someone did gain access to your account, they might have created a rule or forwarding rule so that they can get your emails. You might notice this if you see not as many emails coming into your mailbox. When these rules are set up they can make sure that you don't receive a copy of it and the person is the only one that will see the emails. Once this is done, there is no way to get your emails back once forwarded. 


Steps to Check for These Rules

1. Please log into the Office 365 portal Here: Login to Office 365

2. Once logged in you will see a gear in the top right. Click that gear. 

3. On the Drop down menu that shows select Mail

4. This will bring you to the options page for Mail. There are TWO places to check for these forwarding rules. The first one is Inbox and Sweep Rules.


5. If you see anything that you did not setup please select it and Delete. You will know if you setup a rule. Ensure you click Save.


6. Now go back to that left navigation bar for your Mail Options where we selected Inbox and Sweep Rules and we will select Forwarding now.

7. If you see anything setup here that you did not do yourself or know about please Delete this and select Stop Forwarding radio button. Ensure that you click Save when done. 



- If you have any additional questions give the help desk a call at x8803 or send an email to heldpesk@ric.edu




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