Service and Issue Requests for any digital/electronic identity and permission matter, including accounts, data access, physical access (like door access)

Services (7)

Account Role Change Request

This Service is to create is Identity Management ticket when a person is hired at the college that used to be a student and their role has now changed to an employee.

Friendly Email Address Request

This is to request an alias to be created for an email address. This may be due to a name change.

Generate Social Security Code

This Service is to identify a user that is either missing a Social Security number in our data feed and either advise to contact the Records Office to get the proper value included in the account data or have a 4 digit code generated.

Office 365 Product Licensing

This Service is setup to resolve a new users issue with incomplete Office 365 license assignments.

Password Station Enrollment

This service is to help resolve an issue when a new student, faculty member, or staff member cannot use the password station to reset their password.
This occurs sometimes due to the fact of the users record entry into the system via the Records Office or Human Resources.

Spam Flagged Account

This Service is to request that your Office 365 account be removed from the Action Center to allow outgoing email to process.