Popular Services

Please submit MyRIC service request or report any MyRIC (Portal, Campus Solutions, HR, and/or Financials) issues here. We will try our best to get them resolved.

Request changes to MyRIC (PeopleSoft) account permissions (for Campus Solutions, HR, and Financials)

A request to the Blackboard Support team to add another a professor to access their current Blackboard course.

You need to submit all MyRIC (Campus Solution, HR, and Financials) data requests here. However, we will need to evaluate your request so that the request meets the data security requirements.

This service is to place request for installation of a newly purchased printer in a department or connecting to an existing printer.

This Service Request is for any issues that involve a phone handset malfunction. Examples are broken phone keys and receiver issues.

This is to create a ticket to request a specific software to be installed on your RIC owned computer.

Special MIS services for supporting various applications & systems not listed individually, including, but not limited to, MediCAT, QAS, Smart Catalog, Topaz, College Cards/CBORD, etc.

This request is to activate windows, office, adobe or any other software that says it needs to be activated for use.

Enter any MyRIC/PeopleSoft modification or change requests, along with justifications why the changes are needed.

A request to the Blackboard Service team to merge or copy previous course material into a similar course for a new semester.

This service is to report and process an issue with a mechanical malfunction of a departmental printer.

This service is to put a ticket in for a cabling issue regarding Ethernet cables, rewiring of a desk, or physical damage to any wires in the office.

This service request will be for to make an appointment to assist with blackboard application processes.

Please submit all reports and queries related requests here. Please note that service for handling data requests is listed separately and you will need to submit data request under "Data Request".

This service would be to report an issue about a projector either not displaying, overheating, or a bulb issue.

This Sub Category is for all service requests that relate to Locksmith services that requires an outside contractor on campus. NOTE: REQUIRES FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS REVIEW AND APPROVAL.

This Sub Category is for all service requests that relate to Ceiling Tile Replacement/Repair on campus.

This service covers all issues pertaining to G-Suite application and account issues.

This Sub Category is for all service requests that are related to Heating on campus.

This service is a request to either have users added or removed from Office 365 distribution lists designated by departments at RIC.

This service is to put in a request regarding any support needed for startup issues on your Rhode Island College owned Apple computer.

A Blackboard course archive is a .zip file which contains all of the grades, content and activity within the course. One can only access the contents within the archive if one restores it within Blackboard.

This service is will be for a service ticket entry to resolve an issue with the sound not working in classroom or a lab.