Service and Issue requests for any associated problem involving phone lines, equipment, or voicemail.

Services (7)

Broken Handset

This Service Request is for any issues that involve a phone handset malfunction. Examples are broken phone keys and receiver issues.

Extension Relabel Request

This Service will address an end users request to rename their telephone extension. This service will usually happen when there is a new hire in a department.

Move Telephone Extension

This Service would involve entering a ticket with the proper information to move a phone extension to a different location.

New Phone Extension Request

This request would be for a new office area that requires a new phone extension.

No Dial Tone

This Service will identify a phone line issue with a ticket specifically for no dial tone. This can be confirmed by trying to plug a tested handset into the users phone jack and not getting any signal.

Voicemail Outlook Sync Request

This Service Request is to have the end users voicemail synced with Office 365 to be visible in the users email to playback.

Voicemail Password Reset

This Service is to create a ESNA unified communications ticket to have the users voicemail password reset to the originally generated password.