Service and Issue requests for any back-end changes that need to be made to the EMS room scheduling system.

Services (11)

Add a New Group

This request is to enter a new group in RIC Rooms (EMS).

Add or modify academic flag for a campus space (Registrar)

Set or remove the academic flag for a campus space in RIC Rooms.

Add or modify Building Hours

Used to modify a building availability through RIC Rooms (EMS) for bookings. Close a building for construction to all users or close campus from all web users bookings for a power shut down.

Add or Modify RIC Calendar/RIC Rooms Special/Holiday Dates

Holidays and specific academic or administrative dates that should show on the official calendar to the RIC Calendar/RIC Rooms (last day of classes, Halloween, Spring Break, Construction closures).

Add or Remove Users

This request is to add or remove existing group member(s) of a group in RIC Rooms (EMS).

CECS Events Team Issue

CECS Events Team Issue

Consolidate Reservations to one ID #

Create more than one event reservation instead of multiple bookings,

Consolidate room pricing

Rooms that are billed on an daily flat rate plan instead of an hourly plan

Custom Query Built

Academic and Administrative departments may need custom information from RIC Rooms (EMS).

Missing Item/Reservation in Dashboard

RIC Rooms Web App are not showing up in the EMS Client dashboard.

Service Item addition or modification

Add items to their inventory, modify pricing, or delete from certain templates.