This category is specifically for issues the faculty are having in the college Learning Management System [Blackboard] Application. This also

Services (7)

Add User to Course

Use this form to request access to your LMS course shell for TAs or Co-Instructors.

Archive a Course

A Blackboard course archive is a .zip file which contains all of the grades, content and activity within the course. One can only access the contents within the archive if one restores it within Blackboard.

Course Merge Request

Use this form to request a merge of one or more of your LMS course sections.

Course Not Visible

This Service allows a faculty member to submit a ticket if they are not seeing a course that they are teaching during the current semester in Blackboard.

G-Suite Application Issues

This service covers all issues pertaining to G-Suite application and account issues.

Kaltura Requests

This Service will include any feature in Blackboard referring to Kaltura. Requests such as video uploads, file conversions, or close captioning will fall under this service request.

Restore Course

Request to have an older LMS course restored from archives.