This sub-category features services and support related to desktop and laptop computers; mobile devices such as tablets, accessories such as monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, web cams, and scanners; and the applications and operating systems that run on these types of computing devices.

Services (17)

Computer/Device Display/Monitor Issue

This is to request a ticket regarding a broken monitor, video issues, and no display on your monitor from your computer.

Keyboard/Mouse Issue

This is to request a new keyboard or mouse for use with your computer in your office.

Map Network Share

This service is to map a network drive such as O: drive or Scan drive. This will go through a workflow for approval by supervisor, then access by server team, then setup by help desk.

New Profile Setup

This is to open a ticket to setup a user’s profile on a computer. This involves setting up Outlook, printers, shared drives, data transfer if applicable and software installs if needed.

Office IT Equipment Relocation Request

This IT move request will facilitate getting an end user moved to another location. Tasks within this request would possibly be a phone extension relocation, drop activation, physically moving any IT equipment provided by RIC to the faculty or staff member, and any other peripherals.

Password Reset Instructions

Instructions to help end users perform a password reset.

Reimage PC

This service is to reload the operating system on your computer due to a problem with the day to day use, speed or any other issues that a normal fix cannot resolve.

Shared Calendar Request

This is to request access to a shared calendar and connect outlook to the shared calendar.

Software Application/Service Issue

Request support for a previously installed software application or program that you are encountering problems with on a RIC owned or managed computer.

Software Installation/Update Request

This is to create a service request for specific software to be installed on your RIC managed/assigned computer.

Trust Relationship Issue

This is to open a ticket for a login issue when the error message states that “there is a trust relationship error.”

Virus/Malware Issue

This service is to open a ticket to remove any virus or malware that is interrupting the day to day use of your RIC owned computer.

Web Browser Support Issue

This request is to open a ticket regarding any issues encountered while using a web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Computer Upgrade Request

This service is to request an upgrade to your current computer in your office. This will go through an approval process based on your current machine model and ITS computer availability.

Retired Equipment Removal Request

This request is to pick up old/junk equipment to be retired and disposed of.

PC Cabling Issue

This service is to put a ticket in for a cabling issue regarding Ethernet cables, rewiring of a desk, or physical damage to any wires in the office.